Yenzabusha IT Solutions prides itself in offering full service computer support that covers every conceivable problem which you may have with your computers. We can also get your computer repaired and up and running again in the shortest time possible, with the absolute minimum hassle and inconvenience.

Computer repair can be a time consuming, expensive exercise, but with Yenzabusha IT Solutions remote PC support, you don’t even need to leave the office. Our technicians can securely and wirelessly connect to your computer and troubleshoot, diagnose and solve problems from our support centre.

This means you get instantaneous computer support services, whether you need help installing a new program, or just have basic questions that need speedy answers. What’s more, our professionally experienced and trained technicians can perform routine maintenance on your computers, without causing any interruptions to your work.

IT Support is traditionally delivered in a reactive way: when something breaks you pick up the phone and an engineer arrives to help.  The engineer invoices you for every hour spent and you don’t see them again until something else goes wrong.  The problem with this approach is that it actually suits IT Support companies when there’s a problem.  More problems mean more hours to invoice.  In reality there probably aren’t many IT Support companies which actually operate this way, much less admit it, but the fact remains it’s a reactive model.  And in todays highly IT-dependant environments, being reactive isn’t good enough.  Downtime today can be extremely costly and could mean lost deals, delays, penalties and frustration.


In the event that a problem cannot be solved by remote access, Yenzabusha IT Solutions offers full onsite computer repair services. Our trained technicians will have your computer systems up and running again in no time.


There are few things more frustrating than a sluggish laptop that takes ages to boot. Let us help you to restore your laptop to its former speed, freeing you up to get more work done and relieving you of the stress of having to wait for a slow machine.


Viruses and other malicious software can cripple your computer systems. This is an increasingly prevalent problem and basic anti-virus and anti-spyware software are often unable to fix the problem. Allow Yenzabusha IT Solutions virus specialists to clean your system of all unwanted software and errors.


Upgrading a computer, or purchasing a new computer that needs to network with your existing setup, can be a confusing process. Compatibility issues and driver installation can easily become a problem. Yenzabusha IT Solutions complete computer and IT support service is there to help with advice and assistance when upgrading your systems, or when planning on buying a new computer.