The Cloud computer system is revolutionizing the way businesses are run from privately owned small or large companies to government departments.

It’s no surprise that the cloud is such a hot topic among small to medium business owners who are looking for the latest, most cost effective solution to their business IT needs. After all, few advancements have the potential to revolutionise the way businesses access, store and interact with data to the extent that cloud computing does.

But what is cloud computing? In a nutshell, cloud computing eliminates the need for costly servers and data storage devices by hosting software and data on shared servers, which are accessed remotely via a broadband connection. This means that large up-front capital expenditure on servers and software is essentially eliminated. Instead, you will just pay for access to the server and its support. What’s more, many software publishers are offering month to month payment plans for their software packages that are accessed via the cloud, meaning you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

The potential benefits are undeniable and that’s why so many of our forward thinking clients are asking us why cloud computing is important in the future of their businesses. The advantages are particularly relevant to small to medium enterprises, where flexibility and adaptability are vital. With cloud computing, you get almost infinite scalability, without the need to invest in additional server capacity. If you need more resources for a limited period or for a big project, they are available and you pay only for what you use. IT support is streamlined and simplified, as we can access your systems remotely via the cloud to rectify any issues without interrupting your workflow.

The benefits of Yenzabusha IT Solutions Cloud Computing

The Cloud computer system is revolutionizing the way businesses are run from privately owned small or large companies to government departments. If you have heard about Cloud computing but have not yet had the benefits made clear then it may well be time to get caught up, or allow Yenzabusha IT Solutions to guide you through the installation process. With all of the competing applications you may be asking yourself, “why Cloud computing?” – a question which is easily answered within these listed benefits:

Cost Reduction – The central idea of this relatively new technology is to replace expensive server machines. Servers are known to be incredibly expensive in terms of both a first time purchase as well as in maintenance costs. Computing “in the Cloud”, however, means that your network requires no server and hosting costs are much lower as well as being paid incrementally rather than the lump sum required for a server.

Enhanced Storage Capacity – Due to the nature of Cloud computing (being internet based with shared resources), companies are able to store more data than previously possible on private PCs.

User Friendly Automation – The Cloud computer network makes updates and upgrades a far simpler task, requiring only cursory examination from people who are concerned about security. From compatibility to system integration – Cloud has you automatically covered.

Mobile Office – The Cloud computing network integrates seamlessly with your mobile browsing applications, to ensure that you’re able to view and review vital company projects regardless of where you might physically be. Access your Google docs, emails and more with the touch of a button.

IT Service Innovation – With your IT service team freed from performing detailed manual server checks, scans and upgrades they will be able to spend more time implementing customized solutions with a higher payout for your establishment.